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Whistleblower Litigation can make you millions and help your country
This may be your chance to make a difference for the USA and yourself, don’t let someone beat you to the reward money.

The False Claims Act: Fraud on the Government

The false claims act was enacted by Congress in 1863. 31 U.S.C. Section 3730 of the Act supplements the United States government's authority and effort to collect millions of dollars by authorizing private citizens with information about fraud upon the United States government and/or its agencies to initiate a civil lawsuit on behalf of the United States of America. This is called a "que tam" lawsuit. This private lawsuit is intended to capture the funds that were defrauded from the United States Government and/or its agencies. It gives the insider the power to help the USA and make millions too.

The false claims acts gives you the power, where you have inside information concerning fraud that was committed upon the government, to receive between 15% and 30% of all the money collected from starting the prosecution of this case. In these cases the perpetrator of the fraud must pay three times the amount taken from the USA by fraud and add to that not less then $5,000 or more then $10,000 per each and every violation of the Act. The money adds up fast.

In order to recover against the party that his defrauded the United States or its agencies, it must be proven that the perpetrator knew he was submitting a fraudulent or false claim or he did so with reckless disregard of its falsity. Many times when this lawsuit is filed by a whistleblower, the United States Attorney General will pick up the case and because you started the lawsuit, you'll be entitled to a large parentage of all the money recovered in the case. People have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars over the years by bringing these lawsuits. In 2009 these law suits brought the USA nearly two billion ($2,000,000,000). Since 1986 the USA has recovered more then twenty four billion ($24,000,000,000).

We will file your whistleblower action in Federal Court. When filed, it  is kept secret from the public for a short time to give the United States Attorney General the opportunity to review the case and decide whether or not they will prosecute it for you, either way you still get paid. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has inside information regarding fraud upon the United States or i'ts agencies.

We have experience in these matters and can help you collect millions of dollars by filing your case to help the United States recover against corporations and/or individuals that have defrauded our country. If you have information about your employer or any corporation or person that has defrauded the United States of America or its agencies, call us now for a free consultation. There are no attorney fees or costs unless we are successful for you in the prosecution your whistleblower case.

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